What is EziSay?

EziSay is an Australian designed and developed technology product. EziSay was developed for the Australian retailing industry, specifically for companies with multiple locations and or franchisees.

We capture real time feedback relating to customer interaction in regards to your business. Instant data you can act on. Our easy to use analytics dshboard is logical and uncomplicated without unwanted clutter and options you don’t need.

Instant Feedback

As soon as a customer responds to a survey the information is instantly uploaded in real time, attaching it to the individual store/product or salespersons dashboard.

Easy for your Customers to Respond

If it’s not fun and engaging, simple to use, and fast, the customers will not respond. EziSay surveys take 20 seconds or less to respond. See some interface examples below.

How To Contact Us

Need further information or help? Useful information can be found here in our HelpDesk or contact us directly by email support@ezisay.com

Remember, to login simply go to www.ezisay.com  

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