Add New Team Members - Import from Excel (multiple)

It is easy to add Team Members to your EziSay account, whether it be 1 or 1000! A Team Member can either be added individually, or you can use the "Import from Excel" function to upload as many team members as you like in a few simple steps.

This article explains how you can add a new Team Members using the Import function.

Please note that you will need to have Admin rights to perform the below actions. If you do not have Admin rights, you will need to contact the relevant person in your company.

To add multiple Team Members, click through to the Team Menu (refer to article Accessing Teams). Click on “+Import from Excel” at the top of the screen.

It is important that the file containing your Team Members be in the correct format and contain the correct information. To ensure this, you will need to use the Template provided on the next page. To access, simply click “template file”.

Please note: Administrators need to be added manually, not via the Import Function. 

Enter all your Team Members into the Excel file provided, and save on your computer. Ensure you know where it is saved, as you will need to locate it in the next step.

It is now time to upload your file. To do this, click on the box “Click to upload”.

In the dialogue box that opens, navigate to the location of your file and select “Open”. You will now see a file path displayed in the box that used to state “Click to upload”. Now click the button “Upload” – please note depending on the number of entries in your Excel file, it might take a little while for us to process; take the opportunity to grab a cuppa!

While your members are being imported, a message will be shown on your screen showing the status, and also alert you to any errors.

On completion of your member import, you will see a full report of how the import went, together with any errors that occurred. If for any reason an error is shown against a member, an explanation will be provided. For any users where there is an error, open a new template file and include the members with the correct information. You can then complete a new upload.

Click back to "Team" and you will see all your Team Members now listed. Please note that these Team Members will have been sent an email by EziSay asking them to confirm their registration. To complete this process, they simply need to click on the link provided in the email and follow the on screen steps.

If for any reason this email is misplaced, you can click “Resend Confirmation” and the email will be resent. Please ensure that users add to their email contacts, and check their SPAM/JUNK folder for any emails.


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