Global Dashboard; an Overview

When you log-in, the first page you will see is the dashboard. If you have navigated to another part of the site, either select “Dashboard” from the left hand navigation menu, or from the drop down box underneath your username in the top right corner of the site.

Your Global Dashboard Explained

The dashboard provides you with a high level view of the performance across all your campaigns and surveys across all objects (products, stores, events, etc).
The emoticon interface allows you to instantly and simply see a summary of all live results and engagements across your stores as they happen.

To toggle between results, simply click on the relevant button (EG. NPS (default), ERS or Poll).

When NPS or ERS is selected, beneath the graph is a list of your surveys and a snapshot of their results. To view more information on the performance of any given survey, simply click on the survey name. This will take you to the Survey Dashboard (see article "Survey Dashboard; an overview) for more information.

The Global Dashboard also includes a Leaderboard showing the performance of your linked objects (store, product, event, etc). To expand the Leaderboard to see the performance of all objects, simply click “see all”. Alternatively, you can click on any Object name to see more information on performanace of that Object specifically (for more information see article titled Object Dashboard; an overview).

You can adjust the data displayed on your dashboard in a variety of forms. Click on any of the below for more information:

When Poll is selected, a list of all surveys with polling questions or free comments included is displayed. Simply click on the survey you wish to review results or comments for.

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