Adding New Administrators to Your Account

As a Master Administrator for your business, you have the ability to add new Secondary Administrators to your account. This is quick and easy to do, by simply following the below steps:

Please note that you will need to have Admin rights to perform the below actions. If you do not have Admin rights, you will need to contact the relevant person in your company.

To add a Secondary Administrator, click through to the Team Menu (refer to Article: Accessing Teams), then click on “+Add Admin” at the top right of the screen.

Complete the fields as shown on screen, then click “Save”.

A page will now display confirming that the Admin has been added, together with an overview of the member.

Click back to "Team" and you will see your new Administrator now listed. Please note that this new Team Members will have been sent an email by EziSay asking them to confirm their registration. To complete this process, they simply need to click on the link provided in the email and follow the on screen steps.

If for any reason this email is misplaced, you can click “Resend Confirmation” and the email will be resent (refer article: resend team member confirmation). Please ensure that users add to their email contacts, and check their SPAM/JUNK folder for any emails.



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