How to Download Survey Results

To Download Results for a selected Survey, you will first need to access the appropriate survey. 

Click on Surveys in the left hand menu, then select your survey.

Prior to downloading your report, you may need to update your dashboard to reflect the data you want to download. For example; you may want to download last month’s data – if so, you will need to apply the Date Range filter (click here for instructions)

After making your selections, you have two options:  

  1. “Download Results” – this will only download results for results you are currently viewing (eg. NPS, ERS or Poll). The below example has NPS selected, so only NPS results would be downloaded.
  2. “Download All” – download results for all questions within the survey regardless of the question type.

Depending on which Internet browsing software you are using, the report will either a) automatically open b) save automatically in a default location or c) ask you for a location to save the file to.

The report will download in what is known as a “CSV” file, which can then be opened using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. A common place to find your file is in your “Downloads” folder, or you may also find it by navigating to your Browser’s Download History.

Below is a screen shot of a sample CSV file that has been opened using Microsoft Excel.



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