Survey Dashboard; An Overview

Similar to the Global Dashboard which displays all survey results combined, each Survey also has a Dashboard. This dashboard provides you with a high level view of the survey’s performance. 

The Survey Dashboard clearly shows the name of the survey at the top of the screen, so you always know where you are. The emoticon interface allows you to instantly and simply see a summary of all live results and engagements across your stores as they happen.  

Beneath the graph is a summary of the Questions or Response options associated with the survey. Depending on your survey, this list will vary based on whether you are in the NPS, ERS or Polling Dashboard. To view more information on any particular question, simply click on it. This will take you to the Response Overview page (see article Viewing Survey Results for more information).

NPS View


ERS View

Beneath the Survey Snapshot is a Leaderboard showing Objects linked to this survey. A complete leaderboard can be viewed by clicking on “See All”


Polling View

Results for your Polling questions will be displayed when you click on “Poll” at the top of the Dashboard. This Dashboard is quite different to both NPS and ERS and is dynamic based on the type and number of polling questions you have included in your survey.

Results for each type of polling question are displayed in groups.

Results will be for Multiple Choice questions will be displayed in one of two ways, based on how you have set up your question:

  1. Only one answer allowed - results will be displayed as "Favourite"
  2. Multiple answers allows - results will be displayed "Polling Multiple Choice"

You can click on “Show Table” for number of responses by question, and to click through for more information on each question

Matrix questions are displayed in a bar graph format, with each Option (ie. Row) displayed on a separate graph.  You can click on “Show Table” for number of responses by question, and to click through for more information on each question.

Ranking question results are formulated to display in order of the most important to the least important based on your customer selections. This is based on using the mean average across all results to provide a final importance grading. To see results by respondent, simply click on “Show Table”.

An overall rating for each question is displayed for Rating Questions. This is an average of all answers provided against each question. To see results by respondent, click on “Show Details”.


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