Team Overview; Accessing Teams

The Team menu allows you to set up Team Members enabling your staff or franchisees access to the site to view results. The level of access is completely flexible, with various roles available

  • Master Administrator
  • Secondary Administrator
  • Territory Manager
  • Manager
  • Guest

Note: This Menu is only visible to Administrators and Secondary Administrators.

Accessing Team Menu
To access your Team Menu, click on “Campaigns” in the left hand navigation menu. In the expanded menu that appears click on “Team”.

Within this menu, you will see that the page is clearly divided into two groups: Administrators and Members. The Master Administrator will never appear on this page as this person’s profile is edited within the “Account Menu” shown in the top right corner of the page.


All people listed in this section are what are known as “Secondary Administrators”.

This section displays all other users including Territory Manager, Manager and Guest.

Selecting Team Members
Selecting a Team Member is as simple as clicking on the member’s name. If you have an extensive list of Team Members, you can use the Search box (shown above) to quickly and easily find them. The table can also able be sorted, simply click on the relevant table heading.




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