Viewing NPS Survey Results

From your Survey Dashboard you have the ability to click through from all questions included within your Survey. Questions can be found in the ERS or NPS Dashboard (depending on your survey inclusions). 

Viewing NPS Survey Results
Scroll down the Dashboard page until you see “My NPS Snapshot”. From here, you can view responses by either

1) Click on “Toggle Graphs”

This will show a chart for each response, clearly presenting the split between the rating given.

2) Clicking on the response option, ie. Quality of Food

A screen will display all customers who have responded by selecting this answer (no matter what rating they have given).

3) Clicking on the number of responses by rating (ie. Detractor)

A screen will display listing only customers who have responded with this rating against the associated question.


In the screen shown by selecting either of the above options, you can quickly and easily change views and options to adjust the data you see.

A Change the response you want to view results for; simply select the response from the drop down box and click on the button labelled “show”.

B Change the response score you want to view results for; simply click on the relevant emoticon or the button labelled “All”.


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