Can I download my Leaderboard?

Data contained within the Leader Board can be downloaded, with or without a filter applied. To download a report, select which view you would like to download (NPS/ERS/Completed Survey), apply any filters or date/time ranges you wish, then clicking on the “+ Download Report” button. 

Please note: the "Completed Surveys" button will only be available if you have set weekly/monthly targets against your "Objects".  

Depending on which Internet browsing software you are using, the report will either a) automatically open b) save automatically in a default location or c) ask you for a location to save the file to.

The report will download in what is known as a “CSV” file, which can then be opened using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. For ease, the filename will include any date range information that has been applied to your report.

A common place to find your file is in your “Downloads” folder, or you may also find it by navigating to your Browser’s Download History.



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