New!!! Polling Questions Now Available!

Hi Ezisay Users!

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the product, and are happy to announce the introduction of new Polling style questions as well as additional flexibility during survey creation.

Whilst we are huge fans of the emoticon system for simplicity and speed for the end user, we understand that this doesn’t always give you the insights that you need.

Ezisay’s new Polling feature allows you to create a series of new question types including:

  • Multiple choice (single and/or multiple selection capability) 
  • Ranking (customers can rank items in order of their preference) 
  • Rating (ask your customer to rate anything from 1-10 or 1-5) 
  • Matrix (label your own ranking across multiple items)

It is now also possible to display questions in order you choose, as well as ask for additional information from the customer at any point within the survey (ie. phone, free comments, email address, etc).

Happy Survey Building!

The Ezisay Team

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