How to customise your survey's web link

Each time you create a new survey a web address or URL will automatically be generated. At any stage you can edit this web link to your preferred address.

When you first save your survey, you will see the following screen:

As you can see, the link is a alphanumeric. 

To change your weblink, you must be within the "edit" screen of your survey.

NOTE: If you are in the process of building a survey, you do not need to do this step.

Then click on Optional: Change Web Link

Now type in the field what you would like your link to be.

For example: OR

If the link is already in use, then a notification message will appear asking you to try again.

Please note:

The web address must always start with as it needs to reside on our domain and hosting.

If you want the survey to be attached to a specific web address on your site (eg. then you will need to either:

1) Embed the survey within your website page

2) Redirect your website page to the ezisay URL.

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