How to add a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question

We always recommend starting your surveys with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. This is one simple question — “How likely is it that you would recommend a company/product/event to a friend or colleague?”. We use NPS to get a clear measure of our company’s performance through our customers’ eyes. Refer to the section “What is NPS?” for more information. 

To add this question to your survey, select “NPS” from the drop down box and click "+Add"

It's important not to alter this question, however feel free to personalise it by including your business name; for example:

How likely is it you would recommend Fab Feasts to a friend? 10 is extremely likely and 0 is not at all likely

When undertaking the survey, the customer will be asked to respond to the NPS question with a grading system of zero (dreadful) to 10 (fantastic). After the customer has responded, you can either take them directly to the next question, or ask for more information.

To ask for further information, you will need to do two things:

1) Enter the question you want to ask according to the score they have given

Do this by enter text in the field "Write question for ###### selection" against each answer type. Alternatively, you can select one of our predefined questions.

2) Enter answer options - "drill down answers"

We encourage you to utilise this function, as it allows you to clearly understand the sentiment behind the answer, and will help provide meaningful insights that you can take action upon.

To do this, click on "+ add answer". We recommend offering four to five answers here for respondents to choose from.

Enter your answer in the field "write drill down answer here" or select from the predefined list (available when you click in the field or on the drop down arrow)

You can also ask your customers for free text comments 

To ask customers for any additional commentary, tick in the box next to "Allow to add other comments for NPS question"

You can add additional answers by clicking on “+add answer”, or click on the cross immediately next to an answer you wish to delete. 

Detractor Notifications

Notifications can be enabled for one or more answers on this question.

To enable the setting, simply click on the check box next to the answer you would like to receive notifications for. You can enable it for drill down answers including comments.

Emails will be sent to all team members assigned to the survey.

Unique Background

If you selected the "Modern" survey design, you also have the option to add a unique background for this question.

To do so, click on the checkbox next to "Apply unique background for this question", then click on the box "Click to upload" and select the file from your computer/file location.

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