How to add an Emoticon Relationship Score (ERS) question

Emoticon Relationship Score™ (ERS) questions allow customers to answer with emoticons which are then calculated into a score out of 10.  

You can ask more than one ERS question within your survey, and the score will be collated into one and presented on your ERS Dashboard.

Firstly, enter your question in the box “Write your question here”, or choose one of the predefined options available when you click in the field or on the drop down arrow.

Actionable Insights 

After entering your question, there are three drop down boxes, each titled “Action after selecting”. If you hover over any of these fields, additional information is displayed to help you.

You can choose to ask your respondents for further information, and vary it according to whether they are happy, unhappy or neutral on the question you've asked. In all instances, you have the choice of selecting:

  1. None - do not ask for any additional information
  2. Drill down - multiple choice answers (select one or many) that will help you to understand the reason for their reaction to the question
  3. Comment - free text response box
  4. Drill down & comment - both multiple choice answers and free text comments are available to the respondent

Drill Down

After selecting “drill down” against an emoticon, you will be asked to enter an Additional Question. This has been preset as "why have you chosen this answer?" but feel free to type in your own question.

To enter answer options for your respondent, click on "+add drill down answer". We recommend aiming for four to five answer options. Feel free to enter your own, or select from predefined answer options available when you click on the field or on the drop down arrow.

To delete an answer, click on the cross immediately to the right.

Comment Field

To allow your respondents to provide a free text reason for their emoticon selection, simply select “Comment field” from the drop down box against the relevant emoticon.

Drill Down and Comment

This option offers respondents both multiple choice (choose one or many) answers, as well as the option to provide free text comments.

Select "Drill Down and Comment" against the relevant emoticon, and add drill down answers as detailed above.


You can set email notifications for each happy, neutral and unhappy responses in ERS questions, as well as by drill down and free text comments.

To activate notifications, click on the box next to the answer you wish to receive notifications for. 

Unique Background

If you selected the "Modern" survey design, you also have the option to add a unique background for this question.

To do so, click on the checkbox next to "Apply unique background for this question", then click on the box "Click to upload" and select the file from your computer/file location.

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