How to add a multiple choice question

This question type provides customer with a list of answers to your question, with an option to allow selection of one or multiple answers.

Firstly, select Multiple Choice" from the drop down box and click on "+Add"

Type your question in the field labelled "write your question here".

Click on “+ add answer” to create a series of answers for your customers to choose from.

Select One or Many Answers

The question is automatically set to allow customers to only select one answer. If you want them to be able to select multiple answers, simply click on the check box next to “Allow more than one answer to be selected”.

Email Notifications

You can activate email notifications where a respondent chooses a particular answer. These emails will be delivered to any team members and objects attached to the survey. Tick the box next to the answer you wish to receive notifications for.

Unique Background

If you selected the "Modern" survey design, you also have the option to add a unique background for this question.

To do so, click on the checkbox next to "Apply unique background for this question", then click on the box "Click to upload" and select the file from your computer/file location.


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