How to add a matrix question

Matrix questions allow you to ask just one question with each answer having a ranking or range of options.

Firstly, select "Matrix" from the drop down list and click "+Add"

Type your question where it says “write your question here” and then use “+add column” to enter a grading or scale system that you wish to use for your various answers. For example (Poor, Average, Good).

The “+add row” button will allow you to add a series of answers that will be associated with your columns. You can add as many rows as you need, but we recommend keeping this to less than five.

To allow a respondent to choose more than one answer, select the box next to "Allow more than one answer to be selected". When this could be utilised is shown in Example 2 below.

Unique Background

If you selected the "Modern" survey design, you also have the option to add a unique background for this question.

To do so, click on the checkbox next to "Apply unique background for this question", then click on the box "Click to upload" and select the file from your computer/file location.

Example Matrix Questions

Example 1

How satisfied were you with each of the following?

Example 2

How familiar are you with the following brands?


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