How to create a survey

This article will step you through how to create a new survey, alternatively you can activate our helpful walkthrough wizard by clicking on "Open wizard for help" in the left menu.

To create a new survey, click on "+ Build Survey" in the left menu.

There are two steps to create a survey, with three additional options available if you choose to activate them.

Let's get started!


Survey Name

This is as simple as it sounds; simply enter an appropriate name for your Survey

Select Survey Design (NEW!)

Select your choice of either the "Classic" or "Modern" design survey interface for your respondents.

            CLASSIC                             MODERN


If you selected "Modern" you now have the choice to upload a custom background option, or skip to adding your questions if you are happy with the default background.

To upload a custom background image, click on "click to upload" and selecting your file from your computer. 

Custom Backgrounds come with a two options:

1) Apply to all questions - This image will now apply to all questions throughout your survey (unless you upload a unique background for one/many questions)

2) Apply to survey start and end screens - This image will now apply only to the start and end screens of your survey (eg. instructional screen - mobile only and the thank you screen). You may apply unique backgrounds for each questions if you choose to do so.


Add Your Questions

To add questions to your survey, select a question type from the drop down box and click “+Add”.

As you hover over each question type in the drop down, you will see an information box appear with helpful information about the question, as well as a link to see what it will look like for your respondents.

How to add a...

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Question
  2. Emoticon Relationship Score (ERS) Question
  3. Comment Question
  4. Multiple Choice Question
  5. Matrix Question
  6. Ranking Question
  7. Rating Question
  8. Request for contact details
  9. Image upload request


After adding all your questions, click on "Next Step" - only a few steps to go!

Action after Survey

EziSay allows you to choose what happens when a customer completes your survey. Click on drop down box to see a list of options, and as you hover over each option further information will appear to the right.

If you selected "Leave thank you screen" above, an option appears to customise your thank you message. You can either proceed with the standard message or enter your own message. 

IP Blocking

This function allows you to ensure customers are only completing your survey once a day. In some instances, a customer may (accidentally or otherwise) complete the survey multiple times, therefore skewing your results. By preventing customers with the same IP from answering your survey again, you will protect your survey from this occurring.

To enable IP blocking, simply click on the check box. You can also customise the message displayed to customers attempting to complete the survey for a second time.

Email Notifications

Select this option if you wish an email to be sent to your respondents to say "Thank You". These are standardised emails and read as follows:

Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback on XXXXXX.
Your opinion really does make a difference.
Kind regards,
XXXX & The EziSay Team
Help Centre:
To ensure you get emails from us in the future, remember to add to your address book so emails don’t get caught in your junk/spam filter


Add your logo to the survey, either by uploading one specific to this survey, or use your profile logo.

Survey Dates

You can set your survey to be available at all times, or set a defined period of time for people to access. By default, the survey will be always available. If you wish to define dates, check the box next to "Date period enabled" and enter dates in the start and end date fields either manually or using the date picker tool.

From here there are a few options!

Click on "More Options" for how to - 

  1. Add Stores, Events, People or even Products to your survey - this allows you to track the performance of these individual "objects" and as a group. 
  2. Customise your web link
  3. Send an email invitation to a database asking people to complete your survey

Or, if you are happy with your survey as it is, simply click "Save & Exit". 

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